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Meditation Classes

Guided Daily
9 – 9.30am, Monday – Friday

This is a time to come together and strengthen in your practice, feel held, ground, be reminded of the constant, stable simplicity of being and peace that you are, witness and be with all the movements.


We say the four refuges which is a very sweet Sanskrit prayer and then a guided meditation. Open to all. 

Introduction & opportunity to practice
Monday 12.00 - 1pm

The same flavour as the morning meditations but with more guidance in the meditation practice. Alongside receiving the guided meditation, it is an opportunity to hear the beautiful poetry of the Upanishads and an explanation. Gain a greater understanding on the nature of your mind, deepen in compassion and ease in which to be with its movements and settle in the peace which lies within. Open to all.

Deepening your practice
Wednesday 7 - 8.15pm

Similar to the Monday sessions, it is an opportunity to explore this practice in greater depth, understanding this human experience with increasing clarity and compassion and recognising with growing confidence, the peace, love and simplicity of being at the heart of you. It is an opportunity to deepen in your practice, hear the poetry of the Upanishads with explanation and meditate for a longer period of time. Open to all.

Supporting your practice
All dates inclusive

Sign up for a week at a time and join any of the meditation sessions. This is here for you to be able to come to as much as you would like with ease and to have the opportunity to deepen your understanding, strengthen and be supported in your practice, clarify doubts and to be held in this current of awareness and love.

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